At KeenanSuggs, we view the ultimate measure of success through the success of our clients. Our team strongly believes that insurance goes beyond establishing appropriate coverages. Client service is at the core of everything we do.

In 2009, KeenanSuggs formalized this model by establishing KeenanSuggs Client Services, providing Risk Management Services in a professional and pro-active model, designed for middle market commercial clients. By establishing this robust service model, KeenanSuggs is positioned as a strategically valuable risk management and insurance resource for our clients.

Today, KeenanSuggs Client Services provides comprehensive, customizable, industry-specific client support in:

  • Addressing safety and loss control,
  • Vendor management review,
  • Policy review,
  • Claims advocacy,
  • Risk analysis, and
  • Contractual risk transfer.

Additionally, KeenanSuggs Client Services has a broad menu of internal and external resources available to our clients. Examples include attorneys, CPAs, HR Services, Payroll Services, industry risk studies, and beyond. These resources combine to create a comprehensive, strategic overview of risk, claims and long-term planning for today’s business climate..