At KeenanSuggs, our goal is serving as a trusted insurance advisor for our clients. We do this by learning your business and identifying the risks specific to your business or organization. Then, we work to provide our clients with a comprehensive, cost effective insurance and risk management program.

We service all types of industries in South Carolina and the Southeast. Our clients are large and small and everything in between.  Our knowledgable professionals are ready to service any of the following areas.

  • Religious Institutions
  • Hospitality
  • Construction/Contractors
  • Manufacturing
  • CPA Firms
  • Real Estate Development
  • Distributors
  • Restaurants
  • Engineering Firms
  • School Districts
  • Financial Institutions
  • Technology
  • Golf Courses
  • Universities
  • Healthcare
  • Wholesalers
  • Law Firms
  • Architects
  • Homeowners Associations
  • Agribusiness


For a list of our coverages, Generic Products and Services.



    Financial Institutions, bank management teams and directors face unique risks each day. They all must have strategies in place to mitigate these issues effectively.

    Experienced with over 100 banks and financial institutions in the Carolinas, KeenanSuggs is well positioned to help its clients stay informed and protected by analyzing the risks and insurance landscape, while also addressing employee benefits needs and human resources challenges. As the leading broker and insurance advisor to the financial institution industry in the Carolinas, KeenanSuggs and our Banking Practice Team are trusted resource for our bank clients.


    KeenanSuggs has the experience necessary to provide School Districts and other Governmental entities with property & casualty insurance and risk management consulting, 365 days per year. Staffed with experienced, independent insurance and loss control professionals, the practice serves clients by providing them with advice and direction concerning their risk management programs.

    Participating clients begin with a basic evaluation of their safety programs and insurance coverages and the results provide them with a guide as to how they could better use their financial resources and provide a path forward.

    Services Include:

    • Analysis of current insurance policies, coverage amounts and the premium competitiveness
    • Identify areas of potential loss not adequately transferred to insurance
    • Address appropriateness of retention levels
    • Discuss emerging exposures to loss
    • Evaluate effectiveness of current safety program(s) and review loss history to identify potential areas of improvement


    Law firms need professional help from a team that knows exactly what you need to know about insurance, risk management and benefits.

    The Legal Practice Team at KeenanSuggs Insurance has the experience in basic property & casualty and workers compensation your practice needs. Increasingly important to all law firms of any size is our unparalleled knowledge of professional liability, cyber liability and business interruption insurance.


    Healthcare organizations, medical practices and transportation companies face many industry challenges. At KeenanSuggs, we want to be your trusted advisor and help alleviate those challenges.

    Our approach is simple – we get to know your business, we analyze your insurance and risk management needs and, then, provide solutions best suited for you. Our alliance of knowledgeable service providers and staff strive to help your company become more profitable and efficient, while maintaining the coverages your business needs.


    At KeenanSuggs, we want to be your trusted advisor in providing insurance solutions that work for you. Our captive insurance programs allow clients to better manage their risk, enhance coverage and risk management services, while gaining control of their insurance and risk management costs. The KeenanSuggs alliance of knowledgeable service providers establishes options for clients with sizeable premium costs and excellent loss history. Contact KeenanSuggs today to allow us to show you a proven solution to enhance and strengthen your current risk management program.