KeenanSuggs Insurance’s Out-Sourced Risk Management Program (OSRM) is designed for larger, key commercial accounts and is managed and audited internally, ensuring the client receives top-of-the-line service.

The program includes:

• Quarterly meetings with management to discuss topical issues affecting insurance, claims, risk potential, new ventures, vendor risk, current trends, etc. KeenanSuggs will provide meeting agendas.
• Annual Stewardship Reports outlining the insurance program, issues, and services provided.
• Pre-renewal marketing meeting to discuss insurance market, renewal plans, and key issues.
• Assist with Vendor Management Process

The goal of the KeenanSuggs’ OSRM Program is for the firm to operate as an extension of the bank’s insurance and risk management function, thus ensuring bank management, board, and shareholders that the bank is aware of potential risks and positioned to make well-informed decisions..